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We are a new kind of community movement, taking bold action to ensure a brilliant future for every student, teacher, and public school in Chattanooga

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Bold Action for a Brilliant Future.

UnifiEd is a community-led movement of parents, teachers, and citizens who want every student in Chattanooga to have the chance to attend great public schools.

We believe that if Chattanoogans are informed about how to help teachers and students, given the training and tools to advocate for them, and encouraged to unite our voices – we can create real and lasting change. Starting today.

So we empower individuals, families, teachers, and administrators to get involved, take action, and support community leaders who make education a priority.

We all want a brilliant future for our children and our city. Together, we can ensure that every student has the opportunity to learn, grow, thrive, and prosper.

Check out the School Board Watch Blog for the July 16 meeting HERE

HCDE School Board Meeting - July 16 @ 5PM

Join us as at the HCDE School Board Meeting Thursday, July 16, 2015. The Meeting starts at 5 PM!


Every Chattanoogan,
 Championing Every Child

Whatever your point of view, speak up to add up! Education reform is a long-term project that requires real commitment from everybody. Many hands make the work possible.

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What’s Your EDU.IQ?
 Find Out, Take Action

We learn best when we learn together. Find out more about the issues, challenges, and opportunities that are shaping life for students in classrooms across Chattanooga—as well as the future of our city.

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Sign the Pact to Make Education a Priority

How can we create real and lasting change in public education? We’re starting with 4 commitments as common ground for parents, concerned citizens, teachers, administrators, and elected officials.

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